Galvanising leading businesses across the bioeconomy value chain, we present a unified voice to help EU policymakers drive a green recovery in Europe. Our mission is to unleash the potential of the bioeconomy, accelerating Europe on its path to decarbonisation, sustainable growth and climate-neutrality.

Working together to
create change

Together with key businesses in the bioeconomy value chain, BioAdvantage Europe is working to create a thriving and sustainable bioeconomy in Europe.

This initiative is unique because it is driven bottom-up by the private sector and takes a comprehensive end-to-end perspective of the bioeconomy. It provides a platform to create pilot projects showing the value of the bioeconomy and is policy-focused for immediate impact on Europe’s economy.

We are working together to:

Build awareness and understanding of the bioeconomy
Provide clear and credible guidance to policymakers on social, sustainability and carbon implications of bioeconomy policy decisions
Explain the benefits of the bioeconomy for decarbonisation, rural growth, jobs, innovation and society
Identify further opportunities for unleashing growth in the bioeconomy
Demonstrate tangible examples of the bioeconomy in action


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BioAdvantage Europe is working to help deliver on the aims of the European Green Deal, including decarbonisation, creating employment opportunities for Europe’s post-Covid recovery, and supporting progress towards the Paris Agreement. Formed in 2020, the project is powered by Xynteo and works in collaboration with leading businesses in the bioeconomy value chain to create a just, future-fit economy rather than restoring one no longer fit for purpose.


You can access some of our supporting infographics here. For more, please connect with us.


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Philip Smith

Philip Smith is the Programme Director of BioAdvantage Europe and Executive Vice President at Xynteo UK. He also leads Europe Delivers at Xynteo, a community of business changemakers working together to strengthen European economies. Europe Delivers works on collaborative projects across the continent, including BioAdvantage Europe and many more.